The Service Is Live - Please Read The FAQ
Please read the FAQ below before using the database for the first time.


We are now live. Please read the FAQ before progressing to the other pages if it is your first time using the Database.

We run an equipment database within the department. You may or may not be familiar with it – however, the important thing is that we’ve now put the most important categories online in this format. When we scan an item in or out, it will update on a page loading in.
The really important thing is this: you can see whether something is available in real time!
Currently, when we scan something in or out, or when we update something, it will update the pages that you can see in the menu at the top.

We will update the “Status” message with whether the service is available or not.

Well… for now, this is not possible. However, in the next few months, we will be building a custom viewer that will allow you to book equipment out and reserve it ahead of time.
Again, not currently.

Live searches are difficult to manipulate when you are syncing up multiple data sources so that they show the most ‘realtime’ information. This is something we are going to get up and running, but for now, please read the ‘How Do I Use It?’ tab below and just browse!

Currently, through a series of procedures, the results are output to tables on each individual page according to category of the desired item.

Please navigate to your desired category and browse the category – you can use the common functions of CTRL+F or CMD+F (or whatever you use to search a webpage) to look for common factors. There may be some informative text at the top of each of the category pages – please refer to these first if you are having trouble finding something (we may not have what it is you’re looking for!).

Please note, these categories and the items in them are liable to change at any time.