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PSYT0001Behavioural Academic Self-Esteem (S.Coopersmith) 01AvailableTest
PSYT0002Self-Esteem Inventories (SEI) (S.Coopersmith) 01AvailableTest
PSYT0003Adjective Check List 01BAvailableTest
PSYT000416 Personality Factor Questionnaires (16PF) (16 & above) 01CAvailableTest
PSYT0004.416PF Administrators ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0004.116PF Form AAvailableTest
PSYT0004.216PF Form BAvailableTest
PSYT0004.316PF HandbookAvailableTest
PSYT0004.1116PF spare answer sheetsAvailableTest
PSYT0004.1016PF spare scoring sheets (1 and 2)AvailableTest
PSYT0004.1216PF spare test profileAvailableTest
PSYT0004.616PF TestAvailableTest
PSYT0004.716PF TestAvailableTest
PSYT0004.816PF TestAvailableTest
PSYT0004.916PF TestAvailableTest
PSYT0004.516PF Undergraduate NormsAvailableTest
PSYT0004.13Clinical use of the 16PFAvailableTest
PSYT0005Family Relations Test (Adult) 01AAvailableTest
PSYT0006Family Relations Test (Children) 01BAvailableTest
PSYT0007Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 01AvailableTest
PSYT0007.1Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 02OverdueTest
PSYT0007.2Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 02AvailableTest
PSYT0007.3Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 02AvailableTest
PSYT0007.4Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 02OverdueTest
PSYT0007.5SEI ManualOverdueTest
PSYT0007.6SEI ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0007.8SEI Normative DataAvailableTest
PSYT0007.11SEI-2 Form A sparesAvailableTest
PSYT0007.9SEI-2 Form AD sparesAvailableTest
PSYT0007.10SEI-2 Form B sparesAvailableTest
PSYT0007.7SEI-2 ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0007.12SEI-2 spare acetates and audio cassetteAvailableTest
PSYT0008BEM Sex-Role Inventory (Sandra Lipsitz BEM) 03AvailableTest
PSYT0009People Types & Tiger Stripes (MBTI) 03AvailableTest
PSYT0010Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (Adol-adult) 04AvailableTest
PSYT0011Neo Personality Inventory & Five-Factor Inventory (PI-R)-(FFI) 5AvailableTest
PSYT0012The Q-Sort Method in personality Assessment (J. Block) 05AvailableTest
PSYT0013Edwards Personal Preference Schedule 06AvailableTest
PSYT0015The Mooney Problem Check List (12y to adult) 06AvailableTest
PSYT0017.5POMS bipolar spare formsAvailableTest
PSYT0017.1POMS Bipolar testAvailableTest
PSYT0017.2POMS Bipolar testAvailableTest
PSYT0017.6POMS brief formAvailableTest
PSYT0016.1POMS normative dataAvailableTest
PSYT0017.3POMs standard testAvailableTest
PSYT0017.4POMS standard testAvailableTest
PSYT0016Profile of Mood States POMS BIPOLAR FORM M. Lorr 07AvailableTest
PSYT0017Profile of Mood States POMS Bipolar form, and Standard formAvailableTest
PSYT0018Profile of Mood States POMS D.M McNair 07AvailableTest
PSYT0018.1Profile of Mood States POMS D.M McNair 07 BipolarAvailableTest
PSYT0019Vocational Preference Inventory 07AvailableTest
PSYT0020Adaptive Behavior Scale (for Children & Adults) 1974 BF-06AvailableTest
PSYT0021Situational Confidence Questionnaire 08AvailableTest
PSYT0022Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales 08AvailableTest
PSYT0025.5Adult IVE scoring templateAvailableTest
PSYT0024British Undergraduate Norms to the IAS, NSQ, & EPI B & 12AvailableTest
PSTY0024.1British Undergraduate Norms to the IAS, NSQ, & EPI B & 12AvailableTest
PSTY0024.2British Undergraduate Norms to the IAS, NSQ, & EPI B & 12AvailableTest
PSYT0025.7EPI extra formsAvailableTest
PSYT0025.6EPI Scoring KeyAvailableTest
PSYT0025Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0025.1Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0025.2Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0025.3Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0025.4Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0025.8Eysenck Personality Scales (adult) EPS 10AvailableTest
PSYT0026Marriage and Relationship Questionnaire 10AvailableTest
PSYT0026.1Marriage and Relationship Questionnaire 10AvailableTest
PSYT0026.2Marriage and Relationship Questionnaire 10 Spare FormsAvailableTest
PSYT0027Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory 10AvailableTest
PSYT0028Children's Depression Scale (9 to 16 Years) 11AvailableTest
PSYT0029Consequences (9 to adult) 11AvailableTest
PSYT0031.1Stai spare formsAvailableTest
PSYT0030Staic Anxiety Inventory for Children 11AvailableTest
PSYT0030.1Staic Anxiety Inventory for Children 12AvailableTest
PSYT0030.2Staic spare formsAvailableTest
PSYT0031State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form Y(C.D. Spielberger) 11AvailableTest
PSYT0033.2BDI-II formsAvailableTest
PSYT0033.1BDI-II testChecked OutTest
PSYT0032Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) AvailableTest
PSYT0035Dynamic Personality Inventory AvailableTest
PSYT0036Firo Awareness Scale AvailableTest
PSYT0037IPAT Anxiety Scale OverdueTest
PSYT0038Professional Life Stress Scale AvailableTest
PSYT0039EDI Eating Disorders Inventory-2 (D.M. Garner) 13aOverdueTest
PSYT0041.3General Health ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0040General Health Questionnaire 12AvailableTest
PSYT0041General Health Questionnaire 28AvailableTest
PSYT0041.1General Health Questionnaire 30AvailableTest
PSYT0041.2General Health Questionnaire 60AvailableTest
PSYT0042Lancashire Quality of Life Profile (LQOLP) 13AvailableTest
PSYT0043Special Needs Assessment Software 14AvailableTest
PSYT0044Essential Adult Sex Education For the Mentally RetardedAvailableTest
PSYT0045Sexuality and the Mentally Handicapped.AvailableTest
PSYT0046Pictogram Ideogram Communication 15AvailableTest
PSYT0047Progress Evaluation Index -1 17AvailableTest
PSYT0048Social Education First Aid 16AvailableTest
PSYT0049The Language Imitation Test A16AvailableTest
PSYT0050Individual Learning Programs 17AvailableTest
PSYT0051Pathways to Independence 17AvailableTest
PSYT0052PIP Developmental Charts 18AvailableTest
PSYT0053Code of Practice on the Identification of SEN 18AvailableTest
PSYT0054Further Education & Training of Mentally Handicapped (Course) BF-19AvailableTest
PSYT0055Individual Program Planning 18AvailableTest
PSYT0056The Star Profile 19AvailableTest
PSYT0057Adaptive Functioning Index 20AvailableTest
PSYT0058National Adult Reading Test (NART)(20 to 70 Years) 20AAvailableTest
PSYT0059Revised Token Test 20AAvailableTest
PSYT0060Stroop Effect Experimental & Control Sheets 20B1AvailableTest
PSYT0061Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (Adult-59 Years) 20CAvailableTest
PSYT0062Boston Naming Test (E. Kaplan, H Goodglass) 20DAvailableTest
PSYT0063Illustrated Vocational Inventory 20DAvailableTest
PSYT0064Look Visual Perception Materials 21AvailableTest
PSYT0065Goodenough Harris Drawing Test 24AvailableTest
PSYT0066Ishihara's Test for Colour-Blindness (6 Years - adult) 25AAvailableTest
PSYT0067The A-B-C Vision Test (For Ocula Dominance) 23AvailableTest
PSYT0068Visual Motor Gestalt Test 23AvailableTest
PSYT0069English Picture Vocabulary Tests (5-11 years) 25AvailableTest
PSYT0070Visual Pattern Recognition Test (D. Montgomery) 26AvailableTest
PSYT0071Early Screening Procedure (Workshop notes) 27AvailableTest
PSYT0072First Grade Screening Test (Boys) 27AvailableTest
PSYT0073Keele Pre-School Assessment Guide (KPAG) (Pre School) 27AvailableTest
PSYT0074Auditory Discrimination Test (3 to 12 years) 28AvailableTest
PSYT0075Social Skills Training with Children & Adolescents 28AvailableTest
PSYT0076The Listening for Meaning Test 28AvailableTest
PSYT0077Pre-School Behaviour Checklist (2-5 Years) 29AvailableTest
PSYT0078Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking 29AvailableTest
PSYT0079Portage Parent Program 30AvailableTest
PSYT0080Child Care & The Family (M. Herbert) (Pre-School -adolescent) 31AvailableTest
PSYT0081The Social Adjustment of Children (D. H. Scott) 32AvailableTest
PSYT0082APU Arithmetic Test 33AvailableTest
PSYT0083Basic Study Skills (C. Milward) 34AvailableTest
PSYT0084Check Up Series (Tests) 34AvailableTest
PSYT0085Mathematics Support Sheets (D. & MM. Lumb) 33AvailableTest
PSYT0086See 43AvailableTest
PSYT0087See 43AvailableTest
PSYT0088See 43AvailableTest
PSYT0089Yardsticks (Test in Maths) 33AvailableTest
PSYT0090The Portage Classroom Curriculum (2 - 6 Years) 35AvailableTest
PSYT0091Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 36AAvailableTest
PSYT0092See DSMAvailableTest
PSYT0094Reading Tests 37AvailableTest
PSYT0095Wide Span Reading Test 37AvailableTest
PSYT0096Christensen-Guilford Fluency Test 38AvailableTest
PSYT0097TROG (Test for the Reception of Grammar) D. Bishop 38AvailableTest
PSYT0098Handwriting in the Primary SchoolAvailableTest
PSYT0099Language Development 30AvailableTest
PSYT0100Reading Comprehension Test 39AvailableTest
PSYT0101Assessment in Nursery EducationAvailableTest
PSYT0102Portage Guide to Early Education 42AvailableTest
PSYT0103Edinburgh Reading Test 43AvailableTest
PSYT0104See ERT - Part of Edinburgh Reading TestAvailableTest
PSYT0105Diagnostic & Achievement Reading Tests 44AvailableTest
PSYT0106Group Reading Assessment (F. Spooncer) Specimen 44AvailableTest
PSYT0107Phonics 44AvailableTest
PSYT0108The Holborn Reading Scale 44AvailableTest
PSYT0109The Infant Reading Test 44AvailableTest
PSYT0110Word Recognition Test (C. Carver) up to 8 Years olds 44AvailableTest
PSYT0111Doren Diagnostic Reading Test of Word Recognition Skills 45AvailableTest
PSYT0112Group Reading Test (not Complete) (D. Young) 45AvailableTest
PSYT0113Hull Sentence Reading Test (J. K. McDonagh) 45AvailableTest
PSYT0115Porteus Maze Test B46AvailableTest
PSYT0116Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS B47AvailableTest
PSYT0117Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children B48AvailableTest
PSYT0118Personnel Test for Industry (PTI) B47AvailableTest
PSYT0119Kingston Test of Intelligence (10-12 Year olds) B49AvailableTest
PSYT0120Oral Verbal Intelligence (D. Young) B49AvailableTest
PSYT0121Primary Mental Abilities B50AvailableTest
PSYT0122Culture Fair Intelligence Test (a measure of g)(5-8 Year olds) B51AvailableTest
PSYT0123Non Readers Intelligence Test (D. Young) B51AvailableTest
PSYT0124Moray House Picture Intelligence Test 1 (7 Year olds) B52AvailableTest
PSYT0125Non-Verbal Test 3 (B. Calvert) B52AvailableTest
PSYT0126Sleight Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (6-10 Year olds) B52AvailableTest
PSYT0127The Carlton Picture Intelligence Test (IQ Test) (6y 3m-7y 9m) B52AvailableTest
PSYT0128Concept Mastery Test B53AvailableTest
PSYT0129Kuhlmann-Anderson Test (Measures Academic Potential) B53AvailableTest
PSYT0130British Abilities Scales (Manuals) (2+ to 17+ Years) B54AvailableTest
PSYT0131AH4 Group Test General Intelligence B55AvailableTest
PSYT0132Ravens Progressive Matrices (3 versions 6 to 65 Years) B56-B61AvailableTest
PSYT0133Ravens Progressive Matrices (3 versions 6 to 65 Years) B56-B61AvailableTest
PSYT0134Ravens Progressive Matrices (3 versions 6 to 65 Years) B56-B61AvailableTest
PSYT0135The Crichton Vocabulary Scale B62AvailableTest
PSYT0136The Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale & Standard Progressive Matrices B62AvailableTest
PSYT0137Bayley Scales of Infant Development (Infants-2 years) B66Checked OutTest
PSYT0138Brook Reaction TestAvailableTest
PSYT0139Reynell Developmental Language Scales CAvailableTest
PSYT0140Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (Revised) B69AvailableTest
PSYT0141Job Descriptive Index (JDI) Job in General (JIG) 70AvailableTest
PSYT0142Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory BF-17AvailableTest
PSYT0143Coping Resources Inventory (CRI) (14-83 Year) 71AvailableTest
PSYT0144Ways of Coping Questionnaire (S. Folkman Ph.D) 71AvailableTest
PSYT0145Occupational Stress Indicator 72AvailableTest
PSYT0146TOLD-I:3 74AvailableTest
PSYT0147The Smell Identification & Threshold Test (R.L Doty) 76AvailableTest
PSYT0147.1The Smell Identification & Threshold Test (R.L Doty) 77AvailableTest
PSYT0148Embedded Figures Test EFT 79AvailableTest
PSYT0149Group Embedded Figures Test EFT 79AvailableTest
PSYT0150The Test of Everyday Attention for Children 80AvailableTest
PSYT0151Motivational Styles Questionnaire (MGQ) 83AvailableTest
PSYT0152Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS-2) 90AvailableTest
PSYT0153Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test 91AvailableTest
PSYT0154Children's Depression Inventory 92AvailableTest
PSYT0155Matson Evaluation of Social Skills for Youngsters 93AvailableTest
PSYT0156The Macmillan Teacher Information Pack (TIPs) BAvailableTest
PSYT0157Peabody Language Development Kits CAvailableTest
PSYT0158Renfrew Language Attainment Scales (C. Renfrew) Cupboard CAvailableTest
PSYT0159Lets Play Language CAvailableTest
PSYT0160Aston Index (5-14 years) CAvailableTest
PSYT0161The Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities CAvailableTest
PSYT0163Me at Work (Dr. E. Whelan) BF-22AvailableTest
PSYT0164Personal Record Systems Booklets (Dr. E. Whelan) BF-21AvailableTest
PSYT0165Scale for Assessing Coping Skills BF-24AvailableTest
PSYT0166Work Skills Rating Scale (Handicapped) (Dr. E. Whelan) BF-23AvailableTest
PSYT0167Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0168Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0169Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0170Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0171Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0172Gunzburg Assessment Charts BF-12-16AvailableTest
PSYT0173Line Drawing Illustrations for Makaton Vocabulary BF-02AvailableTest
PSYT0174Progress Assessment Charts for Profoundly Handicapped Adults BF-01AvailableTest
PSYT0175NIIP Form RelationsAvailableTest
PSYT0176Remembering and Forgetting BF-08AvailableTest
PSYT0177The Measurement of Intelligence BF-07AvailableTest
PSYT0178Data Sheet for Bales Analysis BF-09AvailableTest
PSYT0179Introduction to Data collecting in Psychology (Year 1) BF-10AvailableTest
PSYT0180Measuring Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications (Year 1) BF-11AvailableTest
PSYT0181Speech Development BF-20AvailableTest
PSYT0182AR Face database BMPAvailableTest
PSYT0183Goal Level 1 Language Development (M. B. Karnes) CAvailableTest
PSYT0184Motivation Seminar, Critical Psychology Conceptual Psychology materialAvailableTest
PSYT0185CRAIK CDsAvailableTest
PSYT0257Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-RAvailableTest
PSYT0186Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth EditionAvailableTest
PSYT0258Kauffman Assessment Battery for Children (2nd Edition)Checked OutTest
PSYT0259Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression SetsAvailableTest
PSYT0187.6IAPS ImagesAvailableTest
PSYT0187.7IAPS ImagesAvailableTest
PSYT0187.8IAPS ImagesAvailableTest
PSYT0187IAPS ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0187.1IAPS ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0187.2IAPS ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0187.9IAPS ManualAvailableTest
PSYT0187.3IAPS SoundsAvailableTest
PSYT0187.4IAPS SoundsAvailableTest
PSYT0187.5IAPS SoundsAvailableTest
PSYT0187.55IAPS SoundsAvailableTest
PSYT0188M. Frostig Program for Development of Visual Perception 22AvailableTest
PSYT0189M. Frostig Program for Development of Visual Perception 22AvailableTest
PSYT0190M. Frostig Program for Development of Visual Perception 22AvailableTest
PSYT0191Visual Sequential Memory Exercises M. Frostig 22AAvailableTest
PSYT0192Standard Pseudoisochromatic PlatesAvailableTest
PSYT0193The City University Colour Vision TestAvailableTest
PSYT0195Programmed Reading Kit (D. H. Scott) 40-41AvailableTest
PSYT0196Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition, WAIS - IVAvailableTest
PSYT0197Ravens Progressive Matrices (3 versions 6 to 65 Years) B56-B61Checked OutTest
PSYT0198Ravens Progressive Matrices (3 versions 6 to 65 Years) B56-B61AvailableTest
PSYT0199Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (2 years to adult) B63-B65AvailableTest
PSYT0200Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (2 years to adult) B63-B65AvailableTest
PSYT0201Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (2 years to adult) B63-B65AvailableTest
PSYT0202Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories 3rd ed. (J. Battle) (Child&Adult) 02AvailableTest
PSYT0203British Ability Scales (2 to 17 Years) B67-B68AvailableTest
PSYT0204British Ability Scales (2 to 17 Years) B67-B68AvailableTest
PSYT0205Reynell Developmental Language Scales CAvailableTest
PSYT0206Reynell Developmental Language Scales CAvailableTest
PSYT0207Hassles and Uplifts ScalesAvailableTest
PSYT0208Ways of Coping Questionnaire (S. Folkman Ph.D) 71AvailableTest
PSYT0209British Picture Vocabulary Scale (L.M. Dunn) (BPVS) CAvailableTest
PSYT0210British Picture Vocabulary Scale (L.M. Dunn) (BPVS) CAvailableTest
PSYT0211British Picture Vocabulary Scale 2nd Edition (L.M. Dunn) BVSII CAvailableTest
PSYT0211.1British Picture Vocabulary Scale 3rd Edition (L.M. Dunn) BVSII CAvailableTest
PSYT0212Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -2 (Revised Edition)AvailableTest
PSYT0213The Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities CAvailableTest
PSYT0239Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2nd Edition (Movement ABC-2)AvailableTest
PSYT0242Behaviour Assessment Battery (children & adults) BAvailableTest